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When you come to our repair shop, th first thing our technicians will do is to discuss the faulty symptoms with you. After that, they will perform a visual inspection of the Golf cart.

Oil/Battery Replacement

From the battery and lights, to the starter and alternator, the electrical system of modern cars is quite complex. It continuously monitors electrical circuits to ensure every component is operating within the range intended. Any faults or variances outside the operating parameters could be logged by the system and illuminate a warning light.

Golf Cart maintenance

After years of use, your vehicle's engine inevitably deteriorates. If you require a new engine or transmission, consider having your engine or transmission overhauled or rebuilt. This can both save you money and let you enjoy the reliability of your vehicle again.


Our technicians are experts in providing high-quality repair and maintenance to our customers . They can work on any type of Golf cart in your fleet, offering a bumper-to-bumper service that will give you a peace of mind and let you focus on your customers. We perform all repairs, services and maintenance with urgency, integrity and expert precision for your fleet needs. We offer these services with the most competitive prices in the entire area.

Golf Cart Inspection

It is extremely important for vehicles to have the proper preventative maintenance. A pre-purchase inspection can give you an experts opinion on the vehicles systems and parts. For example, inspecting a used vehicles tires, engine, hoses, belts and other important engine components.


Since vehicles have several mechanical systems that require fluids for lubrication or cooling purposes, there are several types of fluid flushes.

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