General Questions

Having trouble with our website?

Website display

If you’re experiencing an issue with the website, we recommend trying a different web browser. Internet Explorer is an outdated web browser that doesn’t work well with newer websites, luckily there are some great alternatives, like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Microsoft Edge is also a fine option. If you’re on our website with Internet Explorer and you’re having issues, please try switching to a different web browser. This will not only likely fix the problem you have on our website but might make other websites work better for you as well.

Getting Support For Your Item

If you placed an order with us through the
Cart Mart Plus, llc  (The website you’re on right now) and have a question about your order, something is missing or broken, or you’d like to return an order, please send an email to

If you’re interested in purchasing a Golf Cart or would like us to build a custom golf cart for you. Please email

Can I Get A Refund?

Our return policy is the following:

Products are eligible for returns for 60 days from the time you receive them, please contact us with any issues you may have so we can help resolve them with you.

If we make a mistake, ship you the wrong part, or a part is damaged in shipping, we’ll pay to have the item shipped back or supply you with a new part free of charge.

If you order the wrong part or would like to return a part that you purchased from us when we’ve shipped you the correct part, then you are responsible for paying for the return shipping. There is also a 20% restocking fee for items that are returned in this manner.

Either way, once we’ve received the returned part we’ll issue you the refund on your purchase.

Which Payment Option Do I Choose?

You will need to communicate with our sales manager (listed on the website) or call +1 (786) 763-0207 . You will need to sign the Agreement to Purchase (usually electronically) and provide an Earnest Money deposit per the agreement. If you wish to wire the money via MONEY ORDER, ZELLE TRANSFER, or INTERAC E-TRANSFER from your bank, we can provide wire instructions. Contact the sales manager for more details.



Why are you my best choice?

There are several reasons! We build our Custom Carts with American Made quality parts…not Chinese as all others do. We build and sell only QUALITY carts and we stand behind every cart we build. You will experience higher resale value because of our name and reputation. We also provide mobile service at your home should you need service in the future.

Are golf cars reliable and safe on the road......I worry about my wife?

OUR CARTS ARE! I understand…yes they are very safe and very reliable when properly maintained.

What brand is best? EZ-GO, Club Car, Yamaha, Others?

EZ-GO and Club Car share about 80% of the market place and they are Made in the USA…..the remaining 20% is shared with all other brands including Chinese brands like HDK, Zone and others……. *caution*…… get what you didn’t pay for……. Chinese built and Quality are not words often used together.

How much does it cost to build a golf cart like I want?

That’s up to you! You can tell us what you like on your cart and we will price it out with every option you choose to fit your budget! We can make subtle changes up or down without sacrificing Quality.

How long is delivery if i can't pick up the golf cart?

Delivery anywhere within the USA takes 5-7 days from the purchase date while deliveries to Canada take 7-12 days. Delivery may be faster depending on the day of purchase.

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